Florida Window Tinting and Its Many Benefits

NOVA 70 spectrally selective film

The benefits of Florida window tinting can be surprising, Window film on your car or home in Florida is as common as having sunglasses. So it’s easy to that assume everyone has heard about window film. The reality is there are many people who do not know what window film is or its amazing benefits. Below is some important information you should know about this affordable product which is very beneficial for a home or business that wants to save money!

Florida Window Tinting and Film

The basics—what is window film? Window film consists of a unique polyester/Mylar-based material that is most commonly used in commercial, residential, and military applications. Applied directly to glass, many consumers use window film for the following reasons…

Blocks Heat and Increases Comfort

When sunlight pours through a window it can make any room unbearable to be in. Curtains and blinds redirect heat into the home while blocking out the view entirely. Total Shield Protection’s high-quality window films provide uniform comfort throughout the home while allowing natural light to enter space. Window films cut the glare by over 80% and eliminate intense heat which helps maintain a cool climate.

Eliminates UVA & UVB Radiation

Ultra Violet radiation can destroy furnishings, artwork, floors, curtains, and of course, your skin! Total Shield Protection’s window film installations block over 99.9% of the Ultra Violet radiation that enters your home or business.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Total Shield Protection’s window film installations can cut over 80% of the sun’s solar energy, reducing the stress on your A.C. while lowing energy costs up to 30% or more. In certain areas, window film qualifies for energy-saving tax credits.

Safety and Security

Total Shield Protection’s high-impact security window film installations protect glass even in the worst conditions. This added layer of security prevents the broken glass from becoming deadly fragments due to high winds or flying debris. Total Shield Protection’s high impact window film passively protects your glass whether it’s inclement weather or an attempted burglary 24/7/365 whether you are home or not. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that a safety and security impact film can provide your home or business.

Decorative Applications

Window film can provide many affordable decorative solutions from Sandblasted glass to a frosted etched pattern, Total Shield Protection’s decorative window film products have been the solution for many savvy architects and homeowners. Make your home or business stand out with one of our unique decorative window films.

Reviews from Total Shield Protection’s many happy clients speak to the multiple benefits of Florida window tinting.

TSP did a great job applying 8mm security + UV protection film to our home. We have a large number of windows with old-school wooden frame muntins that complicated the job and the result turned our fabulous. Very professional, courteous and careful around our furniture and belongings throughout the 4-day process. And they were also cost competitive. I don’t recommend firms often but feel very comfortable in doing so with TSP.   –  Jay G.


Total Shield Protection has been a leader in the Florida window tinting and film industry since its inception over 30 years ago. With our history of experience and hundreds of 5 Star reviews that can be seen across multiple platforms, Total Shield Protection is the go-to option for your window film installation. Total Shield Protection carries all major brands of high-quality films backed by a manufacturer warranty. In addition, Total Shield Protection also provides professional window washing to ensure your film looks as good as the day it was installed. Call Today! 941.894.7138