Using Decorative Glass Film in Home Design Interiors

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Decorative Window Film in Office Environments

Installing decorative window film in office environments– as well as residential – is an attractive alternative to costly glass etching.  Often in business and commercial settings, glass walls and partitions are used in addition to the obvious windows.  It has become a common and much sought-after element of design that communicates professionalism and sophistication. There


Solar Screens or Solar Window Film?

In Florida’s hot, sunny weather, homeowners often consider adding solar screens or solar window film to help shield themselves from the near-constant daytime rays. Solar screens and solar window film both serve to achieve similar goals. However, there are distinct differences in effectiveness, convenience, and cost over time. They Both Block the Sun Both products


Why Install Solar Window Film?

There are two primary reasons homeowners install solar window film – energy efficiency’s cost savings and UV protection. But there are multiple other benefits that we can explore. Energy Efficiency Rebates and Savings With interest in green building and utility rebates on the rise, builders and remodelers are looking at solar-controlling window films as a


Professional Window Tinting in Venice

The professional window tinting in Venice that Total Shield Protection offers help area homeowners keep cool and save money. Keeping cool in Southern Florida can be expensive in so many ways. The costs of energy, equipment, maintenance, and care of a/c units all add up to big money. Total Shield Protection offers a great and