How Clay and Concrete Roof Sealing Defends Against the Elements

concrete tile roof sealing

Clay and concrete roof sealing is the best defense against the challenges of Sarasota’s constant sun, rain, wind, and tropical storms. All of these make our weather especially hard on these roofing materials.

Much like concrete or clay pavers used for driveways and patios, your clay and concrete roof tiles will show their wear and have a shorter life without sealing.  What we love about Florida, the sun, is part of the problem. Constant UV rays will cause tiles to fade and lose their luster. Porous, dingy tile also can show the stains of debris not immediately swept off, mold, and the gifts of Florida’s many birds.

Florida’s tropical rainfall can easily penetrate the slab’s porous surface. This fluctuation in moisture content can wreak havoc with the stability of the material and cause visible cracks.

Your clay or concrete tile roof is a  great option for Sarasota because of its durability, longevity, and easy maintenance. It is also resistant to insects and rot. However, you still need to make sure to apply the proper clay and concrete roof sealing to keep your roof from breaking, curling, or becoming discolored.

If your roof is not exposed regularly to the sun but sits in the shade, you may still experience mold and mildew which really put a damper on the appearance of your home or business. This is why many homeowners and businesses choose to have their roofs professionally cleaned and sealed by Total Shield Protection.

Clay and Concrete Roof Sealing Can:

  • Minimize the damage of staining agents
  • Protect against the fading damage of UV rays
  • Regulate the amount of moisture that leeches through ( lower crack risk)
  • Maintain color and vibrance of concrete and clay
  • Add gloss and aesthetic appeal
  • Increase the curb appeal and home value

Total Shield Protection Clay and Concrete Roof Sealing Options include:

  • Cleaning of the roof and application of clay and concrete roof sealer
  • Concrete barrel tile sealing
  • Flat concrete tile sealing

Total Shield first cleans your roof and then applies a clear sealer to the tiles. This sealer prevents water from sinking in and helps protect against fading. Just as with sealing your paver stone and concrete driveways or patios, sealing your concrete tile roof can be a money-saving preventative measure, reducing the number of times that you have to pay for cleaning. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable both on the requirements for pressure cleaning a roof as well as the application of sealer and they are always adequately insured to do so. Contact us today at 941-894-7138!

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