Protect and Enhance Your Pavers

Sealing your paver stones and concrete is the best way to protect your investment in a new walkway, patio, driveway, parking lot, or pool deck or to restore the look of older installations. It creates a protective finish that holds color, repels stains, and slows deterioration resulting from foot and vehicle traffic, UV rays, and rain.

For older, more faded pavers, it’s not too late. Applying a sealant can help preserve their lifespan by enhancing their color and texture, providing weed and moss resistance, deterring insects, repelling dirt and stains, and preventing cracks from forming — or expanding.

Our paver sealing services and options include:*

  • Brick paver cleaning and sealing
  • Travertine and natural stone paver cleaning and sealing
  • Concrete slab and stamped concrete cleaning and sealing
  • Sealing pavers around pools
  • Wet look or natural look sealers
  • Joint stabilization sealants

Total Shield’s sealing process includes pressure cleaning and removal of weeds or algae, re-sanding joints, and application of sealer. Sealing services by Total Shield are backed by a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Regardless of the age of your pavers or the type of paver, our team of professional paver sealers are here to help you achieve your desired end result. Fully qualified and insured, Total Shield Protection takes pride in providing the highest quality of service for the best value. Contact us today at 941-894-7138!

* Paver sealant is not available in Pinellas County

“Excellent service from beginning to end. The project: clean and seal a new paver installation. The owner explained the different types of sealants answering questions knowledgeably and patiently. Even coated a sample paver so that I see the final result prior to application. Techs moved patio furniture carefully and restored to original position. Most importantly, they used an excellent long lasting product. Now, the water beads on the paver surface like a newly waxed automobile and without affecting the paver color.”

The Benefits of Sealing Pavers and Concrete 

Create a positive first impression.

Seal your pavers to hold their depth of color, repel stains, and reduce their surface deterioration.

Sealing your pavers helps them withstand harsh weather conditions by waterproofing their pores, stabilizing their joints, and protecting them from dirt and UV rays.

Protection & Prevention

Preserve the lifespan of your pavers and not only protect your original investment, but also save money on future expenses that could have be avoided.

Your surroundings play a major role in your everyday quality of life. Be proud of your work and living environments.

Budgeting for smaller projects now makes it so you don’t have to face larger, unexpected, more expensive projects down the road.


Keeping your property well-maintained helps boost its value and can be the difference between closing a sale or coming up empty-handed.


Total Shield Protection is your trusted source for solar rejection, impact resistant, and privacy window film installations as well as professional window washing, pressure washing, and paver brick sealing.