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Why Invest in Pressure Cleaning?

Many parts of your Florida home or business benefit from pressure cleaning as regular maintenance. At Total Shield Protection we offer professional residential and commercial pressure washing services at an affordable price.

Our pressure washing services include:

  • Residential and commercial pressure cleaning
  • Driveway / sidewalk pressure cleaning
  • Pool deck pressure cleaning
  • Lanai screen pressure cleaning
  • Soft wash roof cleaning
  • Mold, moss, algae, and pollen removal

Pressure washing safely removes unwanted dirt, mud, mold, grime, and even spider-webs from your windows, screens, and property exterior. It’s a safer way to clean unwanted materials off your building, saving you from the burden of costly repairs. We pay attention to the details and take care to protect your plants and grass. When it comes to making your exterior look the best it can, look no further.

Total Shield Protection takes pride in providing the highest quality of service for the best value. Our team of professional pressure washers are fully qualified and insured for the job. Contact us today at 941-894-7138!

“Richard Tinaro was extremely professional, and knowledgeable. Provided a fair quote, and excellent follow up to address all my questions. Highly recommend!”

Craig Ruska - Google Reviews

The Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

Clean-Cut Appearance

Create a positive first impression. Freshen up your home or office building’s exterior without the distraction of grime, stains, cobwebs, and streaks.

Enhanced Efficiency

Pressure washing stops grime from building up on a building’s exterior, windows, or roof, preserving its insulation and reducing the negative effects of weathering.

Protection & Prevention

Preserve your property’s lifespan and not only protect your original investment, but also save money on future expenses that could have be avoided.

Added Comfort

Your surroundings play a major role in your everyday quality of life. Be proud of your work and living environments.

Long-Term Savings

Budgeting for smaller projects now makes it so you don’t have to face larger, unexpected, more expensive projects down the road.

Instant Curb Appeal

Keeping your property well-maintained helps boost its value and can be the difference between closing a sale or coming up empty-handed.

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Total Shield Protection is your trusted source for solar rejection, impact resistant, and privacy window film installations as well as professional window washing, pressure washing, and paver brick sealing.

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How much will pressure cleaning cost?