Sealing Travertine for Longevity

sealing travertine

When it comes to sealing travertine, a natural stone, an extremely important step in the process is to help maintain the beauty and integrity of the stone. Sealing not only prevents staining and discoloration, it can also help protect the stone from scratches and scuffs.

About Travertine

Despite the common and traditional reference to “travertine marble”, travertine is really a type of limestone. It is actually the terrestrial (land) formed version of limestone, as opposed to the marine-based formations of many other limestone varieties.

Fortunately, even as a limestone sealing travertine is not a difficult process. The first step is to make sure the stones are cleaned and free of any dirt or debris. Once the stones are clean, you’ll need to select a sealer that is specifically designed for natural stone. Using the wrong type of sealer can cause more harm than good, so be sure to read the label closely when selecting a sealer.

Once you’ve chosen a sealer, you’re ready to apply it. Dab a small amount on a piece of clean cloth and rub it into the surfaces of the stone. You’ll want to work your way up the stone, making sure to seal all of the crevices and indentations. Then, you can use a sponge or a brush to spread the sealer evenly over the surface.

Allow the sealer adequate time to absorb and cure before you use any furniture or rugs on the surface. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to overnight, so be sure to read the directions on your sealer carefully.

Keeping travertine sealed is something that should be done periodically to help protect the stones and keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Follow the steps above for sealing natural stone travertine and you’ll be sure to appreciate the results.

Total Shield Protection in Sarasota FL offers paver and concrete sealing services and options which include:

  • Brick paver cleaning and sealing
  • Travertine and natural stone paver cleaning and sealing
  • Concrete slab and stamped concrete cleaning and sealing
  • Sealing pavers around pools
  • A wet look or natural look sealers
  • Joint stabilization sealants

Total Shield’s sealing process includes pressure cleaning and removal of weeds or algae, re-sanding joints, and application of sealer. Sealing services by Total Shield are backed by a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Regardless of the age of your pavers or the type of pavers, our team of professional paver sealers is here to help you achieve your desired end result. Fully qualified and insured, Total Shield Protection takes pride in providing the highest quality of service for the best value in the Sarasota area. Contact us today at 941-894-7138! Or click here to schedule an estimate.

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