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Roof Tile, Paver, and Window Film Installation Services in Deer Creek

Your home in the prominent Palmer Ranch neighborhood of Deer Creek, whether it is a modest 1,700 sq. feet to the larger 4,000 sq. ft. homes,  you have your hands full to keep the exterior – much less the interior – clean and tidy. After all, you have the 378 other homeowners to keep up with!

Regular pressure washing, roof tile maintenance, and paver sealing goes a long way to spruce up your home.

Every day we are gaining more happy client homeowners and are happy ourselves to be providing expert window film installations, window washing, pressure cleaning, and paver sealing to keep energy costs down and housing values up.

Your home takes of abuse a lot from the sun, rain, and humidity.

    • Mildew and mold can bake into your roof times and paver stones
    • Afternoon sun heats your home beyond the capacity of the AC and energy bills skyrocket.
    • Your home is a high-value investment, and you want to keep it clean and sparkling for all who drive by

These are only three reasons why Total Shield Protection services can protect your home and save you money over time through preventative care and cleaning.

Total Shield provides expert window film installations, window washing, pressure cleaning, and paver sealing to communities across Southwest Florida. We have hundreds of positive reviews and references and, chances are, we have provided services for a home or business in and near Deer Creek.

Have You Considered Window Film Installation?

Your home likely does not have window tinting for energy efficiency and security. We would be happy to talk with you about the options and particular advantages of each. Making the right choice for your home can save you money and repairs from impacts, either from the wind or a burglar who slipped through the gate!

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