Benefits of Window Film for Property Managers

window film for property managers
When you stop to consider the full range of benefits of window film for property managers and facility managers, it’s a wonder that window film is not an immediate go-to for a range of issues they face.

Window film comes in several categories and some films do double, triple duty if you plan carefully. There are window films for solar control – tinted varieties that drastically reduce UV rays entering the building. There are window films that provide added security from burglars’ attempts to smash glass windows. And there is decorative glass to provide privacy and style.

These choices of window film for property managers open up both expected and unexpected benefits.

Lower Energy Costs

Tinted window film can reduce the heating power of sunlight entering a commercial space without blocking natural light. This leads to an obvious reduction of workload on the HVAC system in a building. In addition, many local utility companies offer rebates for solar control and energy savings which will add to the savings which will either bump up the profit margin or provide a benefit to pass on to tenants.

Security and Safety

Impact-resistant security film will thwart the smash and enter efforts of the typical burglar. This type of film is also an added layer of safety for building tenants and property during extreme windstorms. Not that we in Florida ever get hurricanes or tornadoes, right?  We never know when a flying projectile can come along during hurricane season.

Tenant Comfort and Retention

Solar control window film in particular can make your rental space far more attractive to tenants. With solar control film, you eliminate hot and cold spots by evening out the impact of solar heat coming through windows. This means fewer tenant complaints and adds general comfort within the space.

Hot and cold calls from tenants are a nuisance and perhaps a sign you can turn to solar control window film. But there is more. Solar control window film allows natural light in without glare.  Tenants can use all of their space as they won’t need to avoid that one room or side of the room due to the excessive heat and glare of the sun.

The use of decorative window film can be an added upgrade for some spaces prior to move in or as an optional remodel making your space more attractive than others.  Decorative window film in building lobbies is also an added attractive feature.

Building Upgrades

In some cases, you can avoid replacing windows by choosing the right solar control and security film to add those features to your whole building. The latest window film technology is a fraction of what you’d spend for replacement windows.  And window film works to reduce the HVAC load.

Window film provides the previous benefits listed and changes the overall exterior appearance of your commercial building.  This usually leads to a rapid return on investment.

Total Shield Protection window film installation services and options include:

Residential and commercial window film installation

A variety of shades, colors, and strengths of tint for decorative, security, and solar protection. Yes, you can select a film that serves all three purposes.

Total Shield Protection is your trusted source for solar rejection, impact-resistant, and privacy window film installations as well as professional window washing, pressure washing, and paver sealing.

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